Autumn leaves envelop the stage of Kiyomizu

From the stage, overlook the superb view of the ancient city

The Most Popular World Heritage Temple

It is said that Kiyomizu-dera [Temple] originated in 778 when Enchin-Jonin worshiped the statue of Senju-kannon at Otowasan Falls. In 798, Sakaue-no-Tamuramaro, who was a general, donated his mansion to the Buddhist temple and built a temple. The spectacular views of the valley and Kyoto city from the stage of Kiyomizu are amazing. It is packed with attractions such as Japan’s largest three-storied pagoda and the Niomon gate where the giant Nio statue stands. In the spring, 1500 cherry blossoms bloom, and in the fall, 1,000 autumn leaves wrap up the stage of Kiyomizu, creating a fantastic landscape.