Inbound marketing

One-stop solution specializing in attracting Vietnamese visitors to Japan

eBrand offers one-stop marketing, research, planning, and implementation with a view to “any touch point” with Vietnamese visitors to Japan. In cooperation with Japanese and Vietnamese partner companies, we provide consulting, communication plans, and advertisement production based on local needs. In addition, despite being a marketing company, having the Travel Business Department [land operator function] enables us to provide omnidirectional support for invitations, tour creation, and hospitality in Japan.

Marketing research

eBrand conducts online and face-to-face surveys by Vietnamese staff at both Japanese and Vietnamese local partner companies based on requests from Japanese clients. We propose inbound marketing plans along with data on Vietnamese visitors to Japan held by Vietnamese travel agencies and media.

Travel Expo / Event / Seminar

eBrand provides planning and management support for travel expo, events and seminars held in Vietnam. We will provide consistent support with local partner companies from booth design, construction, arrangement of interpreting staff, production of handouts to operation management.

Local sales call

eBrand will assist Vietnamese travel agencies, airlines and media in selecting clients, appointments, and interpreters in response to clients’ requests to sell tourism resources and specialty products. In addition, we make on-site inspections and business negotiation opportunities. Our Vietnamese staff, who are fluent in Japanese, collaborate with local partner companies to provide accurate information and business opportunities.

Creating a tour to Japan

eBrand will create [or support] tour products that incorporate the new charm of inbound travel from Vietnam. We provide one-stop promotion, PR and sales of created package tours. We will clarify the purpose of inviting Vietnamese travel agencies and media. We will provide them consistently with attendees in Japan and follow-up after returning to Vietnam.

Dissemination of information in Vietnamese

eBrand produces brochures and websites in Vietnamese. In addition, we plan and propose SNS promotion utilizing Vietnamese influencers and optimal advertising campaign using Vietnamese local media.