Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Medical tourism support

eBrand Travel supports foreigners who wish to test and treat in Japan.

Medical institution matching

Based on the patient’s medical information, we will match with medical institutions that can provide optimal treatment. We will arrange a wide range of consultations at affiliated medical institutions and specialized medical institutions, from examinations [complete medical checkup] to heavy ion radiotherapy, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine.

Attendant / interpreter

We will make an attendance from the airport / your hotel according to the schedule in the medical facility.If necessary, a medical interpreter will be provided to provide appropriate interpreting with doctors and medical institutions.


We translate patient’s medical information, hospitalization guidance, examination / treatment manual, consent form, test result, medical certificate, prescription, etc.

Medical Stay Visa Procedure

We will send you a certificate of receipt by the medical institution and a letter of proof by the guarantor.


We can arrange airport transfer, hotel / transport / vehicle / tourist information, etc.